Home DIY: Prada Marfa sign (from Gossip Girl)

  1. This weekend I made this Prada Marfa sign and made pictures how to do it for my blog, based on the one on the Gossip girl show, I love the result!!!


    As this plate hangs in my living room in one of the most visible places I wanted it to look very professional. I could have used a wooden plate and painted it white myself and paint the text on it, but that would have caused some imperfections that I knew would irritate me like crazy. So, I ordered a metal plate that was professionally painted white at Bordenplaza.nl and they also delivered it to my home. I wanted the plate to have sharp corners and that is only possible with a flat plate, so to make the plate thick I attached a wooden frame on the back and attached that with Bison-kit.


    I found a lovely lady that makes wall stickers and she was able to make a huge sticker (the plate is 140 x 105 cm) with perfect sharp edges for me. She still has the document so if you want, you can order the same sticker in the size you like HERE. It is also possible to stick it on the wall/door/furniture.
    I meausured where the sticker should be placed and attached it with tape.


    After that I just had to follow the instructions that came with the sticker. Note: this isn't easy!
  2. [​IMG]

    READY!!!!! I was so happy to finally hang it on my wall! I am still in doubt how I want to finish the edges: keep them wood, put stainless steel on it or just paint is white. What do you think?
  3. those pictures are very nice too!
    If you are looking for a sticker I put the email adress from the woman who made one for me, but that is in the Netherlands, maybe somebody in the US can do the same thing?
  4. this is amazing. what a great idea and it looks so classy.

    thanks for sharing
  5. It looks great!
  6. oh yes thanks...i have a contact locally that makes all our vinyl for our store windows. :smile:
  7. Well that is simply marvelous!!! wonderful statement piece. :heart:
  8. I d very much like the have the address of the sticker
    lady :smile:
  9. Love it great job
  10. I would love to do this project -- I'm thinking of having a sticker made that I can attach to a simple cotton canvas. Does anyone have a contact that is located in the continental US?
  11. Where did you get the stickers? I LOVE this! Great job! I'm totally stealing it! :smile:
  12. Wow. It looks so classy! Please share where can we get the stickers. :smile: Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Visited your blog but I can't view the images on your blog.
  13. i know you posted this awhile ago, lori lol, but i just wandered in here. check etsy. i'm sure you will find someone there. you can find someone to make anything on etsy!