Home Bistro Special : 4 meals for $20!

  1. Wasn't sure if I should post this in the Deals section, but I figured it would probably make more sense in the Kitchen section since it's a food deal. :smile:

    I don't know if any of you have tried Home Bistro meals, but they are a godsend for lazy people like me who hate to cook! They are full meals (entree and sides) that are completely boil in a bag - you fill up a pot, drop the bags in for about ten minutes and voila! A complete meal that actually tastes GOOD. My husband was a total skeptic of a boil in a bag dinner until he tried one from Home Bistro - now he can't stop talking about them! They are normally around $15 a meal (which makes them kinda pricey, but cheaper than a night out at a restaurant) but I ran across a special deal in the Wall Street Journal that allows you to choose 4 meals for under $20!


    For the special, you can only choose from about 10 different choices, but at least you can try them out. [​IMG] Apparently it's only for new customers only; since I've ordered from them several times I had to sign up under my husband's name for the offer (ssshhh!).
  2. this sounds amazing thanks so much! it's not really for me (my mother would kill me if i ordered food since she cooks for me :p) but my boyfriend will LOVE this i think-he really needs help in the food department :yes:.
  3. Thanks for the link! I'll definitely give it a try :smile: