home and garden *chat thread*

  1. I think it's time we have a general :chatty: thread for this sub forum, don't you??
  2. OK!! And I will stick it for you! :heart:
  3. ^^ thanks cb. I've never had a sticky for my own threads before. I feel so special hahaha
  4. :heart:

    I am so glad. we need a little welcome party.

    We should start with some cupcakes....

  5. :nuts:

  6. Great idea, ecmf! :tup: Good luck with your first Sticky :biggrin:
  7. wow those cupcakes look amazzzzzing. yummy thanks cb.

    nat, great to see you here, welcome to the home and garden sub. I hope you will stick around. i just love it here.
  8. oh and cb i just noticed you put this thread in your siggy. I feel so special :cutesy:
  9. Well, maybe I will stick around! Tea and biscuits, anyone? :biggrin:

  10. me. me. and how about some :drinkup:
  11. I'd love me some :drinkup:
  12. and some :party:
  13. Yeah, definitely :happydance: It's gonna be a great party. Oh oh wait, how about some fries? Do you think we have enough for everyone? :biggrin:

  14. holly gosh. that's insane.
  15. I'm going back to sleep now. that's what happenes when I wake up in the night I hop on tpf lol. ttys nat.