Home alone near due date?

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  1. I'm not pregnant but may start thinking about having kids in the near future. My DH has a long commute to work (about 90 mins door to door). I've always wondered what would happen when the time comes for me to go to hospital and I'm home alone? It would take my DH 90 mins to get home, my neighbours and friends all work during the day and I have no family nearby.

    Any one of you ever been in this situation? What do you do? Call for an ambulance, I guess?
  2. all depends on how the baby will be born.

    -induction: you will know when the baby will come so your dh will be able to make arrangements with work.
    -c section: again you will know and be able to plan ahead.
    -natural: most first time moms don't start labor and then have their baby in 90 mins [there are some exceptions] so there would be time to alert your dh and for him to head home. he would need to let his employer now ahead of time that when he gets that call that he will be gone and nothing else will matter. now if things do progress quickly then like you said you can always call an ambulance if there is no one else that can take you to the hospital.
  3. Im actually in that situation now....My DH drives about an hour and a half away from home so when I go into labor it makes me nervous he'll hit a bunch of traffic or something and be late!! I just cross my fingers I go into labor overnight so I don't have to worry about that. Worse comes to worse, my in-laws live 5 minutes away (MIL is a labor and deliver nurse at the hospital I'm going to deliver in) so I know they'll be here in a minute if I need them. Plus the hospital is also about 10 minutes away so if they weren't available, I'll just call for an ambulance or something...
  4. Would you really call an ambulance? I am only asking because that would be the last thing I would think to do and didn't know people did or would or anything. Unless the baby is going to be born any second wouldn't a cab be ok? That is what I planned on doing.
    I hope I don't seem like I am being cheeky I just never thought of that :smile:
  5. Unless your water had broken and you felt something coming out (which would mean an emergency and so an ambulance would be warranted) yes, a cab would be fine! I'm sure they'd do their best to get you to the hospital in record time - lol! But I'd think you'd need someone to go with you. Contractions can be very intense and you may not be able to get out of the cab without help, you know? Isn't there a friend who lives close by that you could have on call just in case?
  6. if labor is coming on very quickly i think that i would feel more comfortable being in an ambulance and not a cab...i don't want a cabby to be the one that delivers my baby...lol now if labor is progressing slowly then i think that there would be time for dh to get there and you both get to the hospital...if you want to be at the hospital sooner then a cab would work to get you there [if there is no one else that can take you].
  7. Well, my first labor with DS was relatively quick and if I stay at home (being that this is my 2nd baby it could go more quickly this time) too long while in labor, I could risk delivering at home so yeah I would choose the ambulance over a cab....
  8. Plus... if you do the math, your DH is home or asleep @ 2/3 of a day (24hrs) with you, so this last case scenario only even applies if you should START labour during that time. If it makes you feel better, have a back up for then - say, a cab company # handy or a friend nearby who could jump off work to help. Women frequently have understanding jobs when it comes to stuff like that! I grew up near a military base and so lots of women did that for each other - if your DH was stationed overseas you'd need it!
  9. I recently starting thining about the same thing..what to do? I think I'm going to have an envelope with some cab money just in case I'm all alone and I have to call a cab. I'll definitely have my hospital bag ready to go.
  10. I lived in a city with no family or friends so I hired a doula that will arrive at my house within a short time to take me to the hospital and attend to my baby's birth. It was very comforting that I knew someone will be there just in case dh doesn't make it back on time.
  11. im very lucky in the fact that my dh only works about 10 mins from home. so he will be here at a drop of a hat and then the hospital is only about 10-15 mins away from our house. i would be a little more worried about it if he worked further away.
  12. I'm not exactly sure why you'd even be thinking about this when you are not even pregnant but I guess it's good to plan ahead!
    Anyway, not that you can predict when you will go into labor, but your body typically gives some warning signs that it will happen soon. This would probably allow you enough time to make a plan (have a relative or friend stay with you, have a neighbor you could call on for help, have your DH stay home from work, etc.
    With my first baby, my DH canceled a trip across country because I had indications that I would be going into labor soon. My water broke during a routine visit to my OB and I had to pull him off the golf course.
    With my second baby, I had my mom come visit when I thought it was getting close. She flew in and three days later, my son was born.
    Best of luck to you - it's such an exciting time planning for a family!!!!!
  13. I wouldn't worry about it. If you go into labor and he is 90 minutes away you'll have plenty of time to get to the hospital. I went 3 1/2 hours in active labor with mine and that is unusually quick with a first baby. You'll have some signs like cramping beforehand too. I got that about 12 hours before labor actually started. You don't need to be in the hospital for most of your labor.

    You might want to consider having you baby at home if you are healthy and are experiencing a low risk pregnancy. That way you can call and have everyone come to you. I had mine at home. PM me if you want more information.