Holy Weave !!!!

  1. [​IMG]
  2. yikes...not a pretty sight! do we have, like, a celeb hair disaster thread yet?
  3. I think that always looks SOOOOOOOOOOO tacky!!! Poor ol Pam got caught in the wind!!!!
  4. Not yet, but I think we need one. :nuts:
  5. Gross!!!!!!!
  6. how embarassing.
  7. :lol: I've never seen that happen before. It looks gross.
  8. Prada you always find the best pics!

  9. Thanks twinkle :shame:
  10. yikes.. it isn't easy to cover I bet :/ especially with wind etc
    guessing the thicker your hair is the better you can cover it?
  11. she looks like she's going bald..eww!
  12. :sick:
  13. :wtf: EKKK Poor Pamela. I hate weaves, I use to wear them there soooo annoying. one was hanging on my bum one day too.:lol:
  14. I never knew what they looked like underneath the real hair. That's kind of gross. Do you think a lot of celebs have them? Maybe I'm naive, but I admire beautiful hair, not thinking that it might not be natural.