Holy wave!

  1. That is intense. Look at the size of that thing! :wtf:
  2. OH my GOSH!! How neat is that, tPF has YOUTUBE now??!! Woah! Awesome job, Vlad!!:tup:

    Oh yea, the wave is cool, too!! HUGE! I wouldn't be surfing on that thing...
  3. how did u do the youtube thing?? i didnt know u can add a vid..
  4. ummm - is he still alive?!
    Not quite your average sunday afternoon at the beach is it?
  5. There's a YouTube option now, if you use the advanced reply box
  6. Instructions on how to use the new YouTube button are posted here. :tup:
  7. OMG!!! How scary :wtf:

    I'm scared for the man who was surfing :s lol
  8. OMGGGGG, that was a monster wave. hey vlad, ur name is rabbit now?
  9. Is that in Teahuppo?

    Mother nature rocks!!
  10. OMG, that is insane!!! :shocked:
  11. ITA!!:yes: Suuuper Cool!! (both the wave and the youtube option:p).
  12. :wtf: woah!
  13. There is NO way I would be getting near that thing!!!
  14. :wtf:
  15. Showoff!:p