Holy Unibrow

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  1. I know that I am going to burn in hell for this one (I already picked out my "handbasket") Anyway, I know she is only 11 but damn that is one hell of an eyebrow. I think Lourdes is absolutely gorgeous and in the article it says that maddona sent her for a 6 hour spa treament for her birthday right before this pic was taken so WTF did they do ? [​IMG]
  2. she is such a beautiful girl- yeah she has a unibrow but she is a child- i would not worry about that until she is older- maybe I am nuts but I kinda think it suits her?:shrugs:
  3. i know she's only a child, but if i was madonna and knew how cruel the paps and press could be and that my child would be photographed for magazines, i'd have got rid of that ages ago!
  4. You took the words right out of my mouth
  5. awww, she's a kid. I can't make fun of kids...just can't. LOL :roflmfao:

    But hey, I can make fun of the stain on her jeans...eww, BIG stain.
  6. I knew this was going to be about her. I don't feel bad, because I've heard she's not a very nice little girl herself and very ungrateful. I remember hearing about her throwing tantrums in stores and being not so nice to SAs.

    She also needs to work her lip. Maybe her gift should have bee a razor. :sad:
  7. [​IMG]

    I have also heard that Lourdes is quite the brat, so....I say she stomps her little foot and insists Mummy take her to a laser session pronto!

  8. Yeah, her mother is Madonna, of course she's going to grow up as a self-entitled little brat. Her mother wouldn't raise her any differently. :roflmfao:

    But she's 11, I don't think she knows better...she watches mommy demand things from everyone so she does it also. Maybe she'll grow up to be a good person. (hopefully)
  9. Well, it is not a great look, but she is so young. I think she'd look a little cleaner w/ the brow and lip de-fuzzed, but she's not even a teenager yet...

  10. I know, but it's a shame when a child grows up with so much money and opportunties and learns no manners. You really have to wonder what these children are "learning" too if every adult they met is too afraid to say no and/or make them upset in any way.
  11. I've noticed her monobrow a few years back but like the others said, it doesn't feel right making fun of a child. I'll wait until she's 18 at least. :upsidedown:
  12. You can tell she is going to be a really pretty girl as she gets older! But yeah, her eyebrows are bad!
  13. Um, I was thinking she might need some braces? I don't know if I could let my child run around with crooked teeth, especially if I had the money to fix them!
  14. Maybe that's the look she was going for?:lol:
  15. sorry but her unibrow reminds me of wild plants or something growing on her head........ she's a pretty girl though!