HOLY TJ-Maxx!!!

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  1. You guys!!! I just called another one of my local Tj's and the girl in handbags said they just had a HUGE arrival of Coach bags and wallets. I will be there when they open at 9:30 a.m tomorrow moring to see. Let me know if you want me to look for anything particular. She said they have several of these.....
    [​IMG]I just borrowed this pic. from another tj's shopper here on the pf!!
  2. Kimmie, do you know if the TJs you called is a runway store?
  3. I went to the Chandler TJ Maxx that is 1 mile away from the Coach store, and I found NOTHING. No Coach anywhere. Very sad.
  4. i might be going and checking out my tj maxx tomorrow...hehehe!!

  5. I dont know what a runway store is:shame:
  6. I just came from TJMaxx and they had a couple of those, some sig and embossed top handle pouches, a white large patent Ergo and a black leather small soho(like the ones you would see at the outlet). I was looking for accessories but I did not find anything. I'm going to go by another location on my way home from work tomorrow.
  7. Could you tell me if they have any patent gallery wristlets please?????? Kimmi please, with a cherry on top :P
  8. On their website, they have an asterisk by the runway stores. I think the runway stores have more high end merchandise than the regular TJ Maxx stores.
  9. Kimmie, "runway" TJs carry more designer stuff than normal TJs. Here's the link to the store locator, if you plug in your zip code it pulls up the list of the closest stores and it says whether or not it's a runway store:

  10. absolutely! You'll be the firt on my list. Any certain color?
  11. There are no runway stores near me.
  12. Criminey, I didn't see even one piece of Coach at my store today. I'll have to dart in tomorrow in the event they have two more to put out LOL ;)
  13. My TJ Max had that lilac heratage siggy tote but it had pink stains on the white leather and it was $165. It's creed had an X stamped on it and I wonder if Coach will repair these marked bags ever? Does anyone know? Also my TJMaxx said that all the rest of their Coach bags are in the back room waiting for April 21st designer handbag event and they wouldn't show them to me today.
    I paid $165 for my all leather black legacy shoulder bag on ebay that to me is worth so much more than a siggie heritage tote for the same price but that's just my opinion. Besides, I'm on a ban now, anyway.
  14. Thanks for the info! I had no idea TJ Maxx had "runway" stores. I was there yesterday and didn't see anything :sad: Perhaps a quick trip out tomorrow is due.
  15. If your happy thats all that matters:smile: