Holy STEPsister!

  1. omg..today i was running thru Saks when I passed the Bbag display....a gorgeous violet baby caught my eye...i had never seen a Bbag that looked like her before, and the SA said she is called the "Step". Is this the newest style? She is a classic (if there's such a thing in Bbags:p ) version of the City, a little shorter and higher, with the upper part of the sides kind of reminding me of the LV Neverful when its cinched in. Of course, she is on hold for me :yahoo:- first gotta see if i can sell my 2005 lilac twiggy to a friend or something...........................don't want two in the purple family

    Does anyone have the Step yet? She is $1,165
  2. Step is gorgeous!
    I have one coming my way soon!!!!
  3. Sounds really nice! I hope you are able to get it!
  4. How exciting! I am waiting for my first "step" sighting! i want a steel step.
  5. My little step-sister arrived today and I am in love with the style. Mine is violet and the bag is charming in that combo. Plus, she looks good handheld or over the shoulder. Purse-onality, that bag is calling your name!
  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    thank you ladies.........tomorrow she shall be adopted :heart:
  7. is this a brand new style? i have never seen or heard any mention of it before...
  8. ^^^misss....yes it just came out this season!
  9. I'm down for a step...I am getting really anxious too! I can't wait for my purple lovliness:heart: I saw the title of this thread and I had to take a peek!
  10. yes the step is gorgeous! have you seen the pics of Hayden wearing it? and its a very good price too!
  11. I am on a list for a jaune step and I cannot wait for my baby to come. I am so glad that that there is a positive response to this style.
  12. I'm waiting for one too! Has anyone heard when BalNY is getting the Step?
  13. YEAH! I can't wait to see your pics! I am on the list for one and I am kind of on the fence.
  14. Hi - What are the measurements of the step? I believe it looks like the brief, but is it bigger? Btw, please send pics when you can - would love to see it!:yes: