Holy Smokes!!

  1. I was watching that (I watch & snipe) :wtf: Time for these to be re-issued methinks.
  2. :nuts: WOW. I thought Grands Fonds was the fishy pattern people went nutso over, but apparently this one too.
  3. WHOA! deepdeeppockets is right!!

  4. :lol: I was just going to say the exact same thing!!!
  5. I know.

    I have landed the aqua colorway...but I want a black one...BADLY.

    my SA and my store manager know nothing of these rumors of a re-issue. I have asked a few times...so if its happening....not many managers know about it.

  6. :wtf:
  7. I love all the people asking about BIN and her saying no, 3 different times. :roflmfao: for $1k, I don't blame her! I don't know whether I'd feel bad about selling a scarf for 3x what it was worth or not.... probably not :graucho: I didn't realize demand was that high for that one!
  8. Personally I think that price is crazy!! If it were my grail, it would be time for a different grail for me....that is my "Rockerchic is a cheapskate" assesment!
  9. Totally the same way^^^With crazy price like that it's time to snap out of it:okay:
  10. Ha, I agree Rockerchic. Either time for a new grail or a longish wait for a reissue. Maybe a bit of auction fever here!
  11. i didn't mind paying double retail but not that....not that at all.
  12. i was watching that too :wtf: that's insane!
  13. and I know the Madison Ave scarf went for 1200 but at least with that one you can say it NEVER comes up on eBay EVER and it was a limited production.

    these do come up on eBay, etc and I know some made it to sale...

    but seriously. wow...and it was used!