HOLY SMOKES! Police chase 11 year old!

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  1. Did you gals see this?!!?!! The girl was 11 years old, on a wild police chase in her mom's car, driving over 100 miles an hour at one point...and that's not all. SHE WAS DRUNK! :wtf::wtf::wtf:

    Can you believe this? Where/Who are these parents? My daughter is 11 and I cannot even begin to imagine her getting into a situation where she would drive my car over 100 miles an hour, much less be BLITZED when she was doing it!

    What do you make of it?
  2. Horrible. What kind of ending did this have? Did anyone get hurt along the way? Or worse? This is just insane! Also, where/how did you hear this?
  3. It was a news item on AOL...just read it. She side swiped one car and ended up with minor injuries. They are charging her with DUI, reckless endangerment, blah, blah...I hope they end up charging the parents too!