Holy Smokes -- Lizard Mini Constance Price!

  1. I got a call today from one of my SA's offering me a Lizard Mini Constance. This is the size that you can wear across your body -- teeny, tiny. And the price . . . $7450. Thud. I've got a MM Lizard Constance that I wear once in a while, and had absolutely no idea how precious (literally and figuratively) it is. I can only begin to imagine what it would cost today! I'd actually contemplated sending it along to a new home, but now there's no way I'm letting it out of my sight.

    I'm wondering if Hermes Lizard prices have suddenly skyrocketed, or it's just that I haven't been paying attention.
  2. I had asked my SA about Constances a few weeks ago... Lizard...for the MM, I believe... was around 9k...
  3. Thanks, Quinn's Mom. I honestly had no idea how pricey this bag is, and will need to make some playdates for it immediately.
  4. I was offered a cream colored mini Constance last fall and it was $7250 - that was before the price increase. It was an adorable little bag -- but I just didn't want it that much. You should DEFINITELY take that MM out to play!!
  5. Here's my forelorn Lizard MM Constance. It's in dire need of fresh air . . .

  6. Millstream, that is gorgeous! I'm **drooling**
  7. MS your Constance is absolutely gorgeous!
  8. What a beau you got there!

  9. ^^^SHE'S "GORGEOUS":drool::tup::heart:....take her out for a spin!!
  10. I LOVE lizard. It's my favourite exotic, after porosus.
  11. Thanks so much, Japster, ValleyOppressed, missmustard, anHermesLover and GrandFonds. I think I've worn her twice in the past 1-1/2 years, and need to have more face time with her. Poor thing has been a virtual shut-in since she's been with me.

    Let's see, how about Black Chanel Fantasy Tweed Jacket with 3" White Silk Chanel Flower, White T-Shirt, Jeans, Short Black Ferragamo Boots and this baby? I plan to go to Manhattan at least once during the next few days and Miss Constance will be my date.
  12. That's a great sounding outfit!
  13. This pretty constance deserves a bigger photo!