Holy Smokes. I want this bag...

  1. I tried to search, but I don't see anyone mentioning it. But then NM has a tendency to make-up names for bags online. (They call it a Belted Satchel.)

    Anyone see these IRL? Any thoughts on them. I may be in :heart:. Damn that Miu Miu witch. First the coffer and now this.


  2. Wow, I really like the brown one! Haven't seen this in the NM nearby, but great find milong!
  3. So I cannot find it online anwywhere but NM. Has anyone else seen it anywhere else? Or in person.

    It's haunting me. I need dimensions to see if my laptop can fit in it! ;)
  4. That is a hot bag.
  5. Love the white one. I see why you need to buy it.
  6. Oooh it's gorgeous :drool: . I love the brown color...plays off the gold hardware so well.
  7. Both colours are available on Styledrops but unfortunately no measurements are mentioned. Its a gorgeous bag.
  8. Yup. I found it there and Bergdorfs. I just called the NM in Oakbrook (outside Chicago) and the SA told me (I tend to NOT believe them...) that she has a gold and a black in stock now. Odd. NOT listed on the website. And that the nutbrown is sold on the web only.

    I may venture out there tonight to check it out. I hate this addiction.
  9. are they sure to have a black one?

    I'm in the market for a black bag and would love to get it in this style
  10. Wow! I really love that brown one! Funny, I'd never even heard of Miu Miu before the Coffer and now, I just can't get enough of her bags.
  11. The brown one is gorgeous!! :drool:
  12. I really like this bag! Gorgeous!
  13. I saw it yesterday. All I can say is, yumm....
  14. I love this LV i want it sooo bad.
  15. oh nice! sooooo nice!