Holy Smokes! Eye Candy from my SA!!!!

  1. Seriously, my SA, Lisa Hamlin from NM, is here to continuously taunt me with bags. If I had not just spent my bag fund on my Blue Jean HAC, I just might be tempted by one of these gorgeous bags! Thought you would all enjoy seeing these as well. They are absolutely incredible!

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you have any questions!

    The First is a Black Python Tote with leather interior. It also has a detachable pouch. It is $7850

    The Second is also Black Python with a Dangling Tassel. It is $3450

    Enjoy the pics!:girlsigh:
    100_1248.JPG 100_1249.JPG 100_1250.JPG 100_1251.JPG 100_1252.JPG
  2. I really love this one!

  3. ^love that one too! If I am not mistaken is that not simular to a Chanel u already have?
  4. ^^^ No, I wish. I never got the blue python that she offered me a while back, and really wish I had. It was just gorgeous! If I could swing this one, I would do it in a heartbeat. (Off to go beg hubby) LOL!!!
  5. Oh Lawdy!:drool: Georgeous!
  6. Holey Moley!!!!! Thanks Jag for sharing!
  7. I think we need to have a little talk w/Lisa; she is just NOT good for our wallets! Though I DO love her (is there a NICER SA?!) :heart: :tup:
  8. OMG!!! SOOOO beautiful. I hope you get the bag Jag!

    BTW...Lisa is the best. I live in Tampa but she's been helping me with my search and purchases. Always very pleasant to work with.
  9. cjj- ITA! My husband considers her my drug pusher. LOL!

    handbag-ho- I only wish! I just blew my bag budget for a little while on this! So I must live vicariously through everyone else for little while!!!
    BJ HAC2.jpg
  10. Wow--those are both so gorgeous.!
  11. OMG - I love the tote... so classic and timeless...thanks for sharing the pics...:drool:
  12. I adore that tote. :heart::heart:
  13. Those are both stunning!! the second I love too :yes:
  14. oooooh Jag! You have such great taste. That hermes is TDF! And I thought YOU were going to get the Chanel so I could live vicariously through YOU! :p

  15. i :heart: the tote if it wasnt python...