HOLY SMOKES - EIGHT catalogs in the mail today?

  1. Makes me wonder what list we got on? It must be related to toys because ALLLLL of them are for toys - wait, no one is electronics.

    I'm a pretty "green" person, so this is just so wasteful to me! Yes, we recycle, but egad, that's ONE DAY!!!!
  2. We get tons of catalogs too, but I don't mind. I almost never look at any of them, but it's not a problem for me to toss them away.
  3. Lol...our record was 27 the other day. SO wasteful especially when there's only one or two different items in each one.
  4. It's always so nice to read that people care about these things! Good on ya :tup:
  5. Please tell me that you all recycle these at least? the thought of all of that going in the garbage about makes me feel ill!
  6. BF and I recycle but bwtn the two of us, we have 18 monthly subscriptions and 4 weekly subscriptions. UGH. Come recycling day, there's always a HEAP to put out (we recycle every itty bitty thing we can -- the powers that be may take away my undergrad degrees in Biology (concentration in Ecology!), Chemistry & Geology if we didn't! LOL).

    I just moved into the new place, and the junk mail didn't follow me. But just recently, all this NEW junk mail has found its way to me. I'm CONVINCED it's thru LuckyMag's rewards thing. :cursing:
  7. I joined www.greendimes.com a few months ago. Every time a catalog shows up that I don't want, I add it to my list and THEY get me OFF the list. Only $15 to join, I thought it was well worth it.
  8. catalogchoice.org is a free service that will take you off catalog mailing lists. you just give them the name under which the catalog is received and the customer number, if any. it's really easy, helps the enviro, and eliminates unwanted catalog clutter!
  9. ^^^ I was JUST about to post www.catalogchoice.org

    Every day I walk in w/the mail and put all my catalogs (I average 8 on a good day) on the computer. When I get a second, I log in their names and then I save and done! So easy and free!

    If you are like I was, hesitant to get rid of all your catalogs, keep in mind EVERY company has a website!
  10. Hi berryblondeboys (is your husband back yet???): I work for a design firm that's VERY into environmental sustainability. We get every catalog and sample package under the moon, and usually, it's sent to every single person in our firm. I will always make the effort to call them and tell them to STOP and to NEVER send us another catalog unless we ask for it. They're usually happy to do so!

    It's just terrible what a waste it all is. Those poor trees. :sad: