holy smokes! another '03 blue - weekender!

  1. :drool:
  2. zeke, how many more babies have you been hiding??? ;)
  3. wow.. this is pretttty!
  4. Wow!!! That is gorgeous!
  5. winona, i am almost out of hidden babies! :P gotta pay for the new babies...:yes:
  6. zeke, i have this same bag in the city size! good luck!:heart:
  7. ^ i do too :shame: (and the hobo :shame: :shame:smile: i looove this weekender...... : sigh : it's FABULOUS --- goodluck my dear zeke, but i dont think you'll need it!!!! ;)
  8. Great bag - wish I had the cash. Really beautiful.
  9. What a fabulous bag! good luck everybody!
  10. It's my Dream Bag!!!:yahoo:

    I want it so bad:crybaby:
  11. this is gorgeous.....Love it....the girl who gets this is crazy lucky
  12. OMG .... what a BEAUTY :drool: !! GORGEOUS :yahoo: ! Good luck zeke with your sale :flowers:
  13. I've said it once and I'll say it again, to all those people with this colour - PICTURES!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with the sale zeke - I'm sure it'll be gone before we can blink. ;)
  14. Gorgeous!!!:heart:
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