Holy Smoke... Look At My New Boots!!!

  1. OMG... I am tickled PINK from head to toe.

    Look at my new boots and pay ATTENTION to how they are going to match the Heritage tote set in PINK... WOW!!!
    P.S. Its winter , so no wise cracks about the White legs :throwup:...lol!!!

  2. OHHHH, how CUTE!!!! I love them!!!! I am jealous!

    I bet I am even more white than you!:p
  3. those are too cute! hmmm.......wish it snowed in Phoenix~! I'd be all over these!:yes:
  4. Those are ADORABLE!!!!! AND there's still a few inches of snow on the ground in my neighborhood from last week's snow AND more snow always coming around here during the winter....lol....listen to me justifying how I need those.....haha!!!!
  5. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! :tup:
  6. I LOVE THEM!!!! Congrats on the gorgeous boots
  7. They are gorgeous! I would wear them here in Florida.....without snow. It was supposed to snow last night...well flurries :smile:
  8. Wow!! Those are wonderful!! So stylish!:tup:
  9. cute.. love the pink! :tup:
  10. Congrats on your beautiful boots! They looks so warm and comfy and I love the touch
    of pink. You go and rock those boots this winter!:tup:
  11. These are SO cute. I love them :yes:
  12. Those are awesome!
  13. awesome boots! pink is my fave color!
  14. Very cute. I would be so afraid to wear those in actual snow, though.
  15. those are soo cute. I saw them when I was at my store but it doesn't snow here and we don't go to the snow often enough for me to get them. Hmm I should have got them anyway for the rain. OH well.