HOLY SH*T a $3,000 wallet???

  1. yeah it's not a typo..........$3,000 as in THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!

    WTF?? :wtf:

    poor innocent alligator had to die for this ridiculously expensive wallet that prob most of us can't afford and hopefully wouldn't be that crazy to spend that much money on!!



  2. I love this in the gunmetal color, but I could never spend this much on a bag, let alone a wallet!!! :wtf:
  3. I totally saw that!

    I was like..

    I could get like 6 COACH PURSES FOR THAT WALLET!

    Hahaha.. Crazy!
  4. I noticed that too. Of course the pricetag alone is enough to turn me off, but I just think it could look so much better.
  5. yeah the icky lavendar lining is totally throwing me off! If I was gonna pay $3000 for a wallet, the whole dang thing better be in alligator!!
  6. is it just me, or does that thing look like ostrich, not alligator?

  7. HELL... it better be able defend the moat for that price.
  8. Coach is really just getting out of hand!
    Is it me or does that look more like Ostrich then Alligator??
  9. hmmm actually now that you mention it, it does look like ostrich. Gonna call them and find out.
  10. ok the rep ASSURES me that it is alligator!
  11. Omg.
  12. Dont get your torches out yet:
    But I like it. Its a really cute style. ;]
    I mean, if it was like, 200, MAYBE 300 Id consider saving for it.

    But...I mean, the price is 3k. Thats a total turn off. :p
  13. Oh my god!!! I can't believe my eyes.
  14. What is Coach's problem? Why is that so expensive? First the overpriced Lily now this?
  15. No thanks! Alligator pieces are always expensive, but um...I can't part with three stacks for a wallet that is always hidden in a bag. Aside from the fact that I never drop a lot of cash for a wallet to begin with. My good 'ole brown leather Coach wallet was like $59 at TJMaxx about 10yrs ago, and it's still going strong.