HOLY S**T we were just robbed!? in two minutes..

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  1. Two minutes..

    just went to the local convience store for two minutes to fax something because the new one is suppose to be shipped wednesday.

    broke the passenger window of a 2001 BMW sports sedan, found the purse under a school bag, jacket, and towel so the bag wouldn't be in plain sight. This was a block away from the police station..

    And stole all major credit cards, 40 dollars in cash, insurance cards, designer reading glasses, ID, license, the whole shebang..and a Jonathan Alder bag, Tiffany valet key set, a week old, Coach wallet, and god alone knows what else was in there.
    And this is in an upper middleclass neighborhood..
  2. But they didn't see the 200 dollars I had in the back because I had to deposit today nor my house keys or my new jacket. Only the stuff in the front passenger seat.. Fuc*ing punk pisses me off man. We all pay extra to live in such a community, and stupid sh1t like this happens.. Gotta go off and identify some other kid that was skulking around the scene now..
  3. Today was suppose to be Aarti's Pajama Day! Not spend the evening at the police day.:sad:
  4. what low life scum. uh, people like that will never live a happy productive life. what *******s, I KNOW karma will kick their asses.
  5. Omg! Does the convince store have any cameras outside???

    I hope they find the creep!
  6. Sorry this happened. These losers go into areas like the ones you and I live in because they know we have nice items/phone/wallets/cash etc and figure that we are probably not armed, since we are essentially not allowed to defend ourselves. This is really sad.
  7. so sorry to hear about this.. i hope that whoever did the crime goes to jail.... I do hope that the convenience store had some type of security...
  8. How awful!!! I am sorry! Hopefully they will track down this person and you'll get all of your things back! Good luck!
  9. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: That's the WORST!! I'm so sorry this happened...what a PITA. karma comes around...those losers will pay :biguns:
  10. OMG!!!!!

    Thats terrible! Im so sorry for what happened to you!

    I hope you reported it! Wat goes around comes around, I hope the person gets what he/she deserves.
  11. Unfortunately "criminals" often target "safe" suburban areas on the exact reason that people feel more safe there and are often more relaxed...

    Give all the information you have to the police, contact your insurance company. Hang in there!
  12. I am so sorry for your loss, I can only imagine what you are going thru!! Dont worry Karma is a B**** and they will get whats coming to them.. Good luck! Keep us updated!
  13. Wow! That is awful...I am so sorry!
  14. Horrible!
  15. oh gosh! how awful!! I live in the same kinda area, and stuff like that happens around here too, its absolutely ridiculous! Sorry about ur ****ty day!