Holy Overwhelming!!!

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new. I'm a guy, and I'm looking for a bag for my girlfriend as a graduation/Christmas present. I am seriously, utterly, completely overwhelmed by the selection of bags out there!!!! :wtf:

    She really likes the Kale bags that I showed her, and I like the 50% off coupon. ;) I'm trying to keep it around/under $200. Her style tends to be fairly conservative, and she doesn't really like monogram style purses. She likes larger bags, so a tote might be ideal. As far as colors go, she likes black, brown, green, and dark red purses.

    Any recommendations????
  2. I think she'd like that! I'll add it to the list. Thanks! :smile:
  3. check Botkier Bombay tall tote at Shopbop.com
    Very nice bag and great deal for $317 sale price -$50 off coupon.
    It's above your price range but you will get stunning $635 worth bag for $267

    at the same price range, there are a few Kooba Sienna bag on sale at karizmaboutique.com + 25% off code 'toutie'
  4. I like all of those, especially the Kooba Sienna and Tignanello Santa Cruz. :drinkup:
  5. 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
  6. Oh wow! I missed that deal... been looking for one of those at a great price... darn it!
  7. I love Coach leather bags. Do you have an outlet near you? They have some great leather totes for under $200. Good luck!