holy!My MJ holy grail overload...how do you want it?

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  1. In the last 2 months I picked up a few HG's (couldn't believe they all came out of hiding at once!).
    But, I've been quiet. :angel: Now that I am content for awhile (and definitely broke) I would like to give you all a little strip tease. My first strip tease actually!
    How do you want it ~ group bag strip tease? Or one bag at a time? LOL
    Separate threads? Or one thread? One a day? One a week? One every other day?
    Ladies, tell me how you'd like it LOL!!!

    ((currently working on taking some pictures of these lovelies))
  2. Ohh, I like your avatar! What the heck do it all at once!!! LOL!!! :smile:
  3. Ok, I like it all at once, show the goods!!!! Can't wait to see, love the striptease!
  4. All at once, please!!!
  5. ALL AT ONCE!! can't wait!
  6. All at once! Can't wait to see them!
  7. I've got my dollar bills ready...bring it on!!:woohoo:
  8. Now! Now! Now! :sweatdrop::drool:
  9. All of them! And I'd better get a lap dance too!
  10. all at once lady! come on! now its your turn to be in the spotlight!
  11. all at one time!!! pix too all at once!
  12. :sleepy::sleepy: <== This better not be you right now lovekoobabags!! :P
  13. :drool:
    Can't wait....
  14. She has left us all in suspense for the night!! :shocked:

  15. all at once! looking fwd to the pics!