Holy Mother @#$%^&*

  1. :yahoo:

    the moment that i've been waiting for is here. there's a manhattan gm for sale on eBay by a rep. seller for $1230 BIN + shipping. that's almost $1300. There is patina and some water damage as well. i personally love it when it's brand spanking new vachetta. getting this instead of retail will save me around $700. is the savings worth it? i want a NEW baby.. not someone's old one.

    what to do?:shrugs:
  2. If the patina and water spots aren't horrible, you should consider getting it.
  3. Well, it's time to be completely honest with yourself.....will you truly be happy with a pre-loved bag? Or do you truly want a brand spankin' new one? :yes:
    You don't want to spend that money and then not love it 100% because it's not new.
  4. Do you think the difference in the vachetta is worth 700$ ?

    Personally, I think that since all the bags will eventually get patina and some marks, you might as well get it for less ! :yes:
  5. Don't buy it if you won't enjoy it as much as a new one. If you want new, you should get new - even if you have to wait a bit longer, otherwise you might regret it :yes:
  6. That bag looks pretty good to me and she is an absolutely wonderful seller - very honest and fast with shipping. I agree with Ayla - you will get marks and patina anyway. If I could afford this bag I would scoop it right up! Especially from that seller - I have a bag on the way to me this week from her.
  7. 700 dollars is another bag in itself... think. 1 used and one new,
    or one new..
  8. If you like it then get it.
  9. I agree with Ayla too. As much as we don't want the leather to patina, it will. For such a discount, I personally would jump on it. BUT if you really think that the watermark will bother you to the point where you don't want the bag, don't get it and spend the extra $700 on the new one.
  10. Make sure this rep is solid!!! If so buy it, there are some rep sellers on eBay who have been known to screw up and sell FAKES!!! Good luck!!!
  11. Her reputation is good as gold in my book - I have purchased four bags from her - all just beautiful. I think she's just great. I've gotten to know her pretty well over the last few years. She's right up there with Let-Trade for me.
  12. at least you won't be so worried about ruining it! id go for it, but i love a deal.
  13. Wait and get a new one, it will be more special to you-1200+ is still alot of money for a bag-you can basically get the pm for that (I think that's what my pm cost last year) and honestly-if there is any damage on these bags I wouldnt spend over 1,000.
  14. You have excellent taste my friend. :smile: The Manhattan GM is GORGEOUS! SO classy and elegant and feminine, I love it. Whether you choose new or used, you will be happy. When does the auction end? Did you decide what to do?
  15. If you want a new one, wait it out, otherwise snatch this baby!