Holy moly!

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  1. Look what my mother in law gave me! All her Chanel jewelry from the 80s 😍

    Pins ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392400301.349997.jpg
  2. What an amazing gift and a sweet mother in law! Congrats! I love the brooches! I would love to see the necklaces and earrings out of the bag.
  3. Wow, this is awesome!!! Congrats!!!
  4. Lucky girl! As a mom of a boy, I know my future daughter in law is going to be very happy with her Chanel inheritance one day.
  5. Wow! She is awesome!
  6. Beautiful treasures! Your mother in law is very sweet!
  7. Wow, what a lovely Mother in law! If, only....would love to see the pieces out of the bag:smile:) enjoy!
  8. Beautiful
  9. That is such an amazing gift. Your MIL is so sweet.
  10. So nice of her!! Congrats to you on some awesome vintage pieces!!
  11. Holy cow! What a nice MIL!
  12. gorgeous !!!
  13. Wow! That was so nice of her! Congrats on your gift.
  14. Wow you are really lucky!! Congtarz so happy for you!!!
  15. It's so sweet of you! I just gave birth to DS but I hope I will have a daughter to inherit my Chanels in the future :tender: