holy moly!

  1. it's busy in here!
    Usually if I look I see around 50 people viewing this Forum, sometimes as high as 60 something.
    It was 98 people just now!!:wtf:

    Who are you!? C'mon out and talk to us!:woohoo:
  2. me me me! ;)
  3. waving HI
  4. :cutesy:
  5. Hello from gloomy and cloudy O.C. CA.:biggrin:!
  6. Hello! I'm scouring the forum looking at everyone's new goodies and reading what has increased in price and by how much. :biggrin:
  7. hi! i just had a midterm from hell and i needed some PF lovin'!
  8. :party::tpfrox:
  9. ^ Aww, I'm with you jeshika! I had one yesterday and another one last week... my professor literally stood over me and said you have no more time, give it to me! :crybaby: I think I'd rather walk over ten miles of hot coals than go to my class tonight!!! :crybaby: Anyway, I LOVE this forum... cheers me up all the time!!! :heart: :heart:
  10. I'm stopping by every so often:welcome:
  11. :woohoo:Helllllloooooo!!!!!!
  12. I'm on too:smile:
  13. i'm on - eventhough I should really be working : )
  14. 100 viewing this minute :wtf:

    The Chanel subforum is the best forum ever, glad that everyone's liking it so much :tup:
  15. I keep getting logged off, but I'm here!