Holy Moly Playground!!

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  1. Dang so i was eyeing this playground bambino, cuz it features exactly what I wanted...the kyoot flower sliding down the rainbow and the girl to the left...


    I was highest bidder at $77 at 22seconds so i thought i for sure was going to win.

    I wait a few more seconds and next thing you know the price jumped to $173 and the auction ended! :wtf::wtf::wtf: INSANE! i never wanted a playground bag, but that one was do-able n kyoot =) Oh well its okay...I was just so shocked that it went that high!

    kinda makes me feel better since i won a foresta gioco yesterday and total came out to $190 with shipping x.x I feel kinda icky paying over retail, but its such a kyoot bag! so much for not buying bags until trasporto comes out...

    everyone was right..while we're waiting we end up looking on the older prints to buy! ok i'm officially done with foresta! now its onto paradiso n inferno ^^
  2. congrats on the foresta gioco ... such an adorable bag! sorry about the playground bambino! what a bummer.
  3. Yikes, whoever sold that bag must be really happy someone paid that much for it.
  4. i'd be hella happy if i sold a bag like that lolz $$$$$$
  5. I'm so glad I did a trade and got myself a playground bella :biggrin: I didn't post pics of it yet though lol....lazy.
  6. That's NUTS. I was feeling a little guilt at how much I paid for my new playground bella bella -- but it wasn't even that much, and I got a whole lot more bag! (not to mention perfect placement)
  7. you just convinced me to keep my playground campeggio.
  8. i was looking at that bag too! and i saw the ending price...crazy!
  9. Yeah I saw that too! It was 76 with an hour to go and I decided not to get it because I was bidding on a spiaggia dolce also (which I ended up getting for only 72 shipped) but man 173 is crazzzzy!
  10. wow 173 is crazy....:wtf:
  11. $173 is maadnesss!
  12. Playground is in demand~ I've got almost 20 people watching a playground denaro I put up on eBay. I have a playground bella there, too, but there aren't as many watchers =/
  13. 173?????! insane in the membrane.... :amazed:
  14. i recently sold my playground denaro, i didn't like the placement :/ and i recently bought a playground campeggio off ebay for $175 shipped so now i'm going to keep it and maybe make a huge fortune in a few years. lol
  15. The placement on my denaro stinks, too haha~ But at least other people want it =/ It's always great to make some $$
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