HOLY MOLY!!one person's trash is another's $600. help me spend it!!!

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    Hello, Ladies so here is the story:

    I had a 17in broken Macbook pro...i was going to buy a sledge hammer and break it some more for youtube :blush:. but the wife told me to try ebay first: and it sold for $685 :faint: :faint: I had NO idea it was worth that much. . when i first posted the listing on bay, i got offered $250 for it, but i said no and let the auction play out.

    after fees and everything (shipping was $42 :faint: ) that is $600. the wife thought i would get $100 for it so she said i didnt have to give her anything and could spend all of the winnings on hermes!!! (she's ok with it though, shes has a happy wife and thats the greatest gift of all!!! :graucho:).

    so!!! help me spend it!!! what should i get!!!

    (i am excited can you tell?) :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Congrats!!!

    Well, I do so love the PM moussies, but someone said they won't be making the PMs anymore? So I don't know if there are any still in stores. You'd need an H expert shopper who lives closer to H than I do. LOL! Or you could put it toward a karo - it'll almost get you there. I love karos. :heart:

    I've been jonesing for one of those leather bracelets - forget the name - it's just a plain H that curls up a little when not worn?

    OH!!! How about a kelly double tour??? I love mine and it was just under $600 I think.
  3. thank you for the suggestions!! i am so in shock.. i was going to break something a week ago and now i have enough to buy something really nice at H!! i think its going to be at least a few days before i decide. i am going to start of a list of options!!!

    the double tour is NICE but does it come in orange?? i dont know why i like orange H leathers...
  4. of course it come in orange! happy hunting!
  5. So, what do you have in your collection so far? Are there any areas that you think need filling out?
  6. hmmmmm.....isn't Valentines Day coming up? I think a little something for your wife might be just the ticket here.....

    OR how about a scarf (for her) and a couple of breakfast cups/saucers you could share?

    *rushing off to break my Macbook Pro and put it up on eBay*
  7. thats a great idea:

    Pear Wood Pill Box (THANK YOU KG!!!)
    Set of Golf towels (orange)
    2 spa towels (one in green, one in orange, which reminds me i havent seen the green on in a few weeks...)
    Breakfast Cup and Saucer in blue chain (first ebay hermes buy)
    Blue Mini Ulysee agenda...
    Gavorche scarf ring
    H Leather Parfum Case
    Set of 2 packs of full sized playing card
    Set of 2 packs of half side playing cards (so CUTE and great for solitaire)

    I definitely want to get the Blue Chaine Coffee Mug.

    good god!!! my Wealth Challenged collection is growing!!
  8. oh i dont know what she would like. i got her LV and she NEVER uses it....

    seriously who would have thought broken machines went for so much. i am sure i could have gotten more to because my auction was a short one 3 days only :faint:
  9. Oh how exciting!...... hmmmm $600 what could you buy with it....

    Enamel Bracelet
    90cm Carre
    Page Marker for your note book
    Hermes Scent and shower gel
    Smaller size scarf and scarf ring

    Thinking of all the H goodies has got me wanting to go shopping now!
  10. wow- that is amazing that a broken Mac still commands that kind of $$$. I guess some techie thinks they can fix it- good for you! When my PC died, the Geek Squad techie offered her condolences, gave the poor machine its last rites and handed me the hard drive. My next laptop will be a Mac for sure.

    The blue chaine d'ancre mug def gets my vote. Maybe you could just put the rest in your H piggy bank and keep adding to the stash a little at a time- no doubt something will come along to catch your fancy!
  11. How great! I would suggest adding a second cup and saucer to your collection, to enjoy a good cuppa tea with your wife ;) Then maybe a carmencita (the long one) for your Ulysses to mark which page you are on.

    And then I would take a breather, put the rest of the money in the bank and let it sit for a while, let it grow and think about what's next. There's no hurry :P

    Have fun!
  12. ^^^ I'm sorry, I just went back to the site, and seems like it's sold! :sad:
  13. Wow!! Congrats on your good fortune!! Who knew a busted Mac would go for so much!?

    Hmmmm, well I have seen a couple of your other threads, and the orange KDT keeps popping up...why not treat yourself to that, and get your wife a gorgeous scarf!

    Wishing you the BEST fun choosing!
  14. :yes: get something for you and wifey .. great idea chaz
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