Holy Moly - I was watching and couldn't keep up!

  1. If only the *other* seller has set out hers for auction at a much lower price, she could have also walked away with this much ... and we thought the price she wanted initially were crazy high ... o:huh:Oo:huh:Oo:huh:OOoo ...
  2. such a beautiful bag! but i would NEVER pay that much!

    As much as i want a TAN PG bag, i would never pay that amount. that's like practically 2 bags and a denaro.
  3. DANNNNNNNNNNNNG. That girl REALLY must have wanted it O__O
  4. eww.... too much money lol... thats 2 bags right there lol
  5. WOW. I couldn't imagine a MM going for that much until this auction.
  6. I was watching that just to see how high a tan PG MM would sell. I did a double take when I saw the ended bid price! It's almost twice what I paid for mine!!:wtf:
  7. Wow.:wtf: That's all I can say. Someone wanted that bag REALLLL bad.:shocked:
  8. Ouch. That's a lot, but I can't say that I wouldn't pay that much myself. I probably wouldn't, but in the heat of bidding, if I wanted it bad enough and if I had the money to afford it I might.
  9. whoa! thats a LOT for a mamma mia. I was trying to win a Famiglia ciao last nite, but my internet connection was lagging & by the time it took my bid in it was too late - it sold for $86 too! grrrrr! WITH the placement I wanted soooooo bad!
  10. $305? for an MM?!

    i guess in the heat of the auction moment, u get caught up in it and don't even realize. i know it's happened to me before! :nogood:
  11. I did a double take too! I couldn't believe it! I wonder if it was a heat of the moment purchase? Somehow I sense a bunch of things being placed for sale by the buyer to pay for it, lol!

    I guess I need to re-assess my desire for a tan playground MM... The going prices are way too rich for my blood!

    PS - mytokiluv...Nice icon, ;)
  12. wow :wtf:
  13. OMG it went for $350?!! :wtf: WOW!!! Personally I could not justify spending that much on a bag but congrats to whoever won it ... must've wanted it real bad