holy moly gaucho copy!

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  1. That was fast...yikes - :amazed:
  2. I don't know if they had seen the gaucho before its release but that bag was on bluefly awhile back and someone had posted about it before and asked about what people thought about it in brown.
  3. Ew...
  4. wow can't believed i missed that thread. pretty scary that it came out before the gaucho. i mean that's just toooo fast.
  5. This purse is actually already on sale at my local BCBG store--50% off. It was a bag from the fall collection....
  6. :lol: damn
  7. Someone else posted that same picture in a different color a couple of weeks ago.
  8. Is that supposed to look like the Gaucho? I don't see the resemblance.
  9. I see the resemblence, but it's for SURE the ugly step sister! The Gaucho is far superior IMO.
  10. Yes. I agree with SwankyMama. This is somewhat like the gaucho but it just misses the boat style-wise, incorporating elements from the Gaucho yet leaving out some of the essentials that really 'make' the Gaucho.
  11. That's sad.
  12. I don't see how it is a copy. It's sort of like a saddle bag, big deal. There's nothing so awful about it. And it was from the fall, way BEFORE the Gaucho.

    But hey, I am sure if it had a $1500 plus price tag no one would be saying how ugly it is.
  13. yeah, I saw that bag IRL on clearance like two months ago and then saw it on bluefly. and it was my thread (i later decided that I didn't dig the BCBG so much).
    it reminded me much more of the classic dior saddle than the gaucho...I still think it's cute, I just don't want to spend any money on it. And having visited Dior earlier this week to meet the gaucho. I actually confirmed that I prefer the style of this BCBG to any of the Dior saddle anythings, including the gaucho (gasp)...except the shearling one.
    I freaking heart the shearling saddle :heart:
  14. It would still remain unattractive to me. There's PLENTY of 1k+ bags I dislike, including the spy . . . me disliking this bag has nothing to do w/ designer name or price, just lack of appeal IMO.:sick:

    To me the flap is shaped like Gaucho's, no matter which came first, to ME the gaucho is a more attractive handbag.