Holy Moly! Check this out!

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  1. An automatic light inside your bag? COOL!!
  2. Holy Moly is right, wow!
  3. Sheesh, if that's real, what a collector's item!!!
  4. I know! Love the color and the style as well.
  5. amazing!
  6. Very cool-I think we should all put our heads ogether and come up with a cool purse idea!! and make tons of money!!
  7. That is quite a piece. I wonder haow many were made? It will be interesting to watch this one.
  8. wow~1938...with light inside the bag, that sounds far in advance of its time ^^
    What a collection! I love the color!
  9. OMIGOD! I have been searching for this purse for a year and a half! The last one I say on eBay sold for a lot less. I'm a vintage purse dealer, and I've only seen 3 of these. Very big co. in the Netherlands back in the day! Wahoo! However, something is up because the other two were manuf'd soley by Staeter. I know these are dated to the 1930s, so perhaps later in the decade Bagcraft bought the right to manufacture them? The other ones I've seen still had the little paper brochure that described the Schiaperelli connection. I could talk about this all day . . .
  10. Actually, after looking at this again, this is a slightly different style than the other 2 I've seen. This is smaller and more of a Gladstone-style (which makes sense since it's made by Bagcraft). I would say that this is the next generation (kissing cousins?) of the original, larger case-like bags designed and orginally marketed by Staeter.
  11. I know the seller, she's great. I'm so happy that she found such a great selling item. :love:
  12. So interesting
  13. Sherri, so what is it's monetary value these days? I think it is just lovely but there is no way I could afford it but owning a piece like this would be priceless!
  14. Kiari -- As I've only seen 3 (and they were all on eBay), I can't give a value off the top of my head. If I'm remembering the last two listings correctly, one sold for +/- $150 and the next for +/- $300 -- each time it appears, the bids go higher, so there must be a number of people trying to get their hands on one of these. I am sure that I have the book that pictures this purse at home, and I'll check it tonight. I'm at work right now :sad:
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