Holy moly! Anyone have a crisp 3 grand for this bad boy??!

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  1. Wow... it's gorgeous but more expensive than the some of the other designer python bags that I've seen. Love the colors on this though!
  2. Im in love :smile:
  3. ^^ Me too, Bunny.... am seriously thinking about this one as the colors are amazing.
  4. I thought the colors were just :drool:
  5. WOW! That's a lot of money!!! It's really pretty though!
  6. :sweatdrop:
  7. Its gorgeous...think about it if it goes to the outlet...and mismark at for $300. A girl can dream.:s
  8. Gorgeous... :drool: :faint:
  9. That purple is insanely gorgeous!
  10. OH MY! Now that bag is just eye popping jaw dropping drool dripping GORGEOUS :drool: lol!!
  11. Absolutely STUNNING!!! One can only dream..... :faint:
  12. Did you see the ostrich bag!?! TWICE as much! Maybe the python will come in that plum :drool:
  13. Pretty, but definitely out of my budget! I think I'll be missing out of this one.