HOLY MOLY...8000 posts..hee.hee!!!!

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  1. OK,Megs..I beat ya to 8000 POSTS!! ROFL!!!!
    Omg!! Now I know Im a big mouth..hee..hee...
    And yes..As Im celebrating my 8000th post..Im opening the box to my newest addition ...ta-da**DRUM ROLL PLEASE**.....The MIU MIU COFFER..Shes a beauty!!!!:heart:
    Always fun posting with all you guys and gals!!!!Thanks for being such a great bunch of people!!
  2. congrats Jill!!! itwouldn't be tpf without you! here's to 8000 more!
  3. Good heavens!! That is an accomplishment!!! lol...Can not wait until you reach 16,000!!!;) ;)
  4. Way to go Jill!! Congrats on the posts and the bag!!!
  5. Thats awesome, congratulations on all those posts!!! :P

    Edit: I just checked and it won't be long until you're catching up with Swanky Mama of three she's got the most posts so far at a massive 12,093!!!!
  6. ^HAHA! NOONE can catch up with the SWANKSTER...HEEHEE!!
  7. Congrats to one of the coolest PFers around!
  8. Jill... why do you need to beat me to 8000 AND get the bag I am lusting after?!?!?! :mad:

    JK Love ya!
  9. Congrats girl... LOLOL and a fab bag to celebrate the 8000th post!!!
  10. Wow ! what a chatter box !! :nuts:
  11. Congratulations Jill.. Its always nice to read your posts :smile:
  12. Awesome Jill! Congrats and congrats! I'm rocketing towards my 1000th~ let me join the 4-digit club.
  13. :shocked: Wow, Jill! Congrats on 8,000 and on your new purchase!:yahoo:
  14. Congratulations!!!! :yahoo:

    Love reading your posts especially pics of your TDF prada purchases!!!:yes:
  15. OMG jill! :yahoo:
    anyone can tell who has the most posts and how many are they? :P