HOLY MOLY...8000 posts..hee.hee!!!!

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006
OK,Megs..I beat ya to 8000 POSTS!! ROFL!!!!
Omg!! Now I know Im a big mouth..hee..hee...
And yes..As Im celebrating my 8000th post..Im opening the box to my newest addition ...ta-da**DRUM ROLL PLEASE**.....The MIU MIU COFFER..Shes a beauty!!!!:heart:
Always fun posting with all you guys and gals!!!!Thanks for being such a great bunch of people!!
Thats awesome, congratulations on all those posts!!! :P

Edit: I just checked and it won't be long until you're catching up with Swanky Mama of three she's got the most posts so far at a massive 12,093!!!!