Holy Molly!! Big Sales!

  1. BG (Bergdorf's) has LOTS of Chloes on Sale,GOOD++++ONES+++:tup:. (Don't worry Nat you still have a fabulous buy)
  2. Ohhhhhh....online too?

  3. Sorry yes, online! Neiman Marcus too! Vast selection of great purses.
  4. I can't believe they are having another sale so soon! I believe they tring to make me lose my Dh..lol

  5. You know what I'm shocked too? Okay these purses may linger for awhile, I guess this is First Call? Although the sites do not state so. Are these Spring purses? Perhaps so. I can't figure it out anymore. All I'm learning is that you have to check often and I shouldn't be because I'm on everything ban till March 08 or I will be DHless :push:
  6. Yeah but they haven't really lowered thier prices yet. They are just trying to fool people that this is a good sale......And please lets not even talk about our DHs and our bag obsession, becuase I would be the first to lose mine....
  7. Ditto. But some prices were nice? But yes the rat B@$t@rd$ do try to fool you:cursing:

    Here in Susieserb land we need to spend money $$$$$$$ on house projects. So DH is all nervous and said to me, I know you hide stuff but really you can not buy for a long while. What am I going to do? I will be so bored :crybaby: however I will honor his request, can you feel my conviction :yes: Sucking it up here...I'll just live vicariously through these lovely ladies and be a personal shopper, a la Paul Revereing available sales on sites and championing the honorable profession of enabling.:rolleyes:
  8. Thats so cute that he knows and how he told you......very cute....I fully support you for honouring his request....Its the least we can do once in a while....
    In Mona land I need to pay off some bag debt and pay for my daughters' winter extra curricular activities(Ballet,Tap, Paino and singing classes)...Thank God my son is still too young for any activities or else I'd be in trouble....As for my hubby he knows what I buy and once in a while utters a few words of "don't you have ebough bags yet?" and I calmly say "no..."
  9. Susie - I had checked both sites earlier today - frequently. Should have have bought that black zip top shopper? Nawww - I like the Capsule better. I could have bought that shopper numerous times and never did pull the trigger.

    Now here's a project for you: a Bay for Abby. Gulp - what if her father found out???? How big are the ones in Bahrain???
  10. LOL.. Susieserb you are too funny!

  11. I liked the Chloe embellished totes for minimum money at Bahrain? I mean Abby is carrying my Coach sack hobo bags from the glorious days of the late 20th century (okay like I bought the Coaches in 89-91) and they look awefully cute on your statuesque daughter. But these less expensive Chloes (but more than the Coaches) for your fashionfista Uni student is actually pretty HOT.:smartass:
  12. Somehow she is not interested in the lesser echelon Chloes. Earlier today she was showing me internet pix of a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag that was very reasonbly priced. I forwarded the Sacoche email to her and that was when she said the Bays are her dream bags....

  13. Whoa your screwed.........Elvira cheap?
  14. But isn't the small quilted bay pretty reasonable - same as the Elvira? I just can't remember how big it is and how it looks on a six footer???

  15. The smaller of the quilted bays (there are only two sizes of the normal quilted bay) is already quite big...the large one is HUGE, like a travel bag IMO. I think the small size would look great on a six footer!:p(i speak for someone who is 5'7" though...;))