HOLY marigold!

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  1. the marigold first on eBay is currently at $1825 USD.

    the craziest part: there are still FIVE DAYS left in the auction!

  2. oh, jeez...and you know that price will climb!
  3. i spotted that! it was up to $1500 on the first day. it looks like a number of marigold lovers are itching for a new bag :smile: marigold is such a lovely color - too bad i could never make it work with my wardrobe.
  4. WOWW!!!!! :wtf:
  5. The "yellows" are rarer than hen's teeth ... that's why they command so much. It used to be the Seafoam, but now that Balenciaga has come out with the Vert D'eau. I feel so fortunate that I was able to snag the '03 Mustard First at a really good price!!!
  6. ^ Nic's is fake, but Balenciaga did come out with a few yellow colours... say, 2 million yrs ago?! that's why they get such amazing prices on eBay. What I would do to retrospectively buy a marigold and mustard in every possible style as a future investment....
  7. why do people continually start eBay threads?
    Vlad CLOSED Achtung because he doesn't want ANY eBay/shopping conversations, you guys will never get it back at this rate:noggin:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.