Holy Mamma!

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  1. I just received my playground mamma today in the mail...and boy was I surprised of the size!!! lol For those who own it...now I know what you mean when you say its small :lol: I didnt think it would be this small? :lol:

    I tried putting this on my shoulder, it barely fits lol..it so armpits me...compared to the dolce's strap its a tad bit long but it still armpits me lol...

    oh well... here the pics :biggrin: ...I also added a pic to show comparison between it and the stellina :biggrin:

  2. That bag is like the holy grail for me, I can't find it anywhere! Very cute!


    Heyyy~ I have that donut too :P Jellies rock
  4. I :love: it ! Your Mamma is super cute . Lattes :drool::drool:
  5. snapcat: thanks :biggrin:

    MissDana:nope didnt get it at ebay..got it at lj :P ..haha...that sugar daddy donut jelly :biggrin: ..i gave my babycakes to a friend for bday :graucho: i so want mister

    Ilovetokidoki: thanks :biggrin:..yup gotta :love: the lattes! ...ooh tokijen...i got your lattes!! :graucho:
  6. I see you have a lot of Sandys..!! I love her on the swing!!
  7. omg playground!!! :love: congrats vmasterz!! I LOVE that print and wish I had something in it.
  8. I want mister blue too!! If I ever get 2, I'll give you one! :lol:

    I want that mystery one..

    Haha armpit bag :lol: The bambino is an armpit bag for me~
  9. congratz on ur super rare mamma! its cute :heart:
  10. MissDana: ha for minute there I was thinking what sandy on a swing? lol you were referring to my foresta haha you foresta nut! :biggrin: you were able to fit your bambino on your shoulder? I know I cant! I tried it at the store :lol: if I have 3 misterblues, it will be me, annieb and you :biggrin:.....oh man is he hard to get :crybaby:

    Tokidokiangel: Thanks :biggrin: this is my second pg..the other one I have is an angioletto :Push:...now I think I want a pg bella bella since Ive sold my original one..

    Azumie: Thanks :biggrin:
  11. :lol: of course I was looking at foresta~ the color green catches my eye :biggrin:

    was your playground mamma a good deal?
  12. hmm idk what is considered a good deal? lets just say i paid way over retail for it haha!

    oh yeah i forgot..hoot wants a misterblue too..so that makes 4!!
  13. oh yeah!! hoot was the one that really liked blue..!! (I think..) I guess this means I'm shopping for donuts during the hawaii meet ^____^

    over retail?! Well, considering that its rare.. that's still a lucky find! :smile:
  14. haha i :love: blue! but i ended up liking foresta?? :lol: make sure you find me mister blue :drool: lol

    yeah wasnt the price like $108 for a mamma?? its above that..but its not like it reached $200 like on ebay haha!
  15. congrads! LOL... your bag looks nice! hiak... but it would be too small for me too. i m too huge for the bag.. *hide*..