Holy Lovefest Batman!!!!!

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  1. Woohoo. My wonderful, much-loved mailman brought me the Hampton Legacy Striped Stachel in canvas today that I got on E-Bay! I LOVE it!! my only issue is that their is a brass whistle charm (just freakin adorable) and my kids immediately zeroed in on it. And yes, the whistle works and is VERY loud. Hmmmm, whistle may just not be able to stay on the bag. It was cute when they first found it, but...:wtf:

    In any case, she is beautiful and I can't wait to break her out.




  2. Cute! Your daughter is adorable!
  3. WOW! that is one SMOKIN bag!:choochoo:
  4. Beautiful!
  5. I Love that bag. I remember when it first came out, I drooled over it in the catalog. I'm still :drool: You are so lucky. love it. Enjoy.
  6. That is a beautiful bag, congratulations on it! Your daughter is precious! :smile:
  7. That's a very pretty bag.
  8. WOW! I have never seen that one - gorgeous! Congrats and wear it well. Love the little girl!
  9. Thanks. Not the most flattering pic of her, but I couldn't get her to take that stinkin whistle out of her mouth!;)
  10. LOL Your DD is super cute! :yes:

    You should post modeling pics! Does it fit over the shoulder?

    I think it cool the bag has the whistle!!!
  11. I will, but my mother is here and quite honestly, I don't think she would understand why I was taking pics of myself in the mirror with a new bag. She is already horrified that I buy expensive bags. :shame:
  12. The purse is VERY nice, but your daughter is waaay cuter! Congrats! FYI DITCH THE WHISTLE IMMEDIATELY! I have a Juicy Couture bag that came with a whistle and :wtf: my daughter loved to play with it...
  13. That purse is great and you daughter with the whistle is priceless.

    I have a pic of my daughter modeling one of my Coach bags, it was just to cute.
  14. That....is......gorgeous! Congratulations to you!
  15. Your DD is the cutest girl ever! She has an affinity for coach already, hehe just like mommy!
    And your new purse is gorgeous.. I love the cream with the chocolate brown, yum yum!