Holy Louboutins, Batgirl!!

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  1. I know, I know the title is cheesey!!! I got my Batgirls yesterday from NAP. They are rather unique and edgy looking, but I really do like them very much!
    IRL, the leather is not black but more of a bronze-burgandy color.



  2. OMG, karwood I love them and, they look so gorgeous on you (everything does :biggrin:)
  3. those are so hot kar! They look great on you!
  4. :drool:
  5. they're beautiful on you karwood! :heart:
  6. Is that teeny strap super sexy or what!!
    Congrats!!! They are perfect on you!
  7. Very pretty Kar! What's the heel height? Are the comfortable? How's the sizing? I really do love the Batgirls:girlsigh:
  8. They are beautiful and edgy and classy at the same time! They look really great on you Karwood! Congrats. I bet they are amazing with at LBD.
  9. karwood, they look gorgeous on you!
  10. Wow! Those are so sexy!

    Congrats! :smile:
  11. stunning! i love your modelling shots!
  12. These are adorable ! :heart:
  13. OMG Karwood they are amazing on you!!! :faint:

    And your title is AWESOME!!

    You definately have the collection I would loose a limb for ... it's even worse because they are all my size! :hugs:
  14. They look great on you, love it!

  15. Just don't lose a leg over it! ;)