holy huge cabas!

  1. i know i'm late getting on the cabas wagon, but i just got the big one in black (from eBay), and boy is this bag large and in charge! I had gotten the smaller size initially, but it was too small for what i needed - a bag that i can bring to work with me with my gym clothes/sneakers/everyday stuff - fashionably, of course. the seller kindly took the smaller one bag and then sold me the larger one. does it look too huge on me in the pic? i'm only 5' 1" - am wearing heels here. i think it looks better carried low, on the crook of your arm than over your shoulder. i like how deep it is, but it feels too wide. i couldn't even sit on the subway on the way home tonight with it on my lap because it was piggishly protruding over onto my neighbors laps!!
    am i nuts to consider having it taken in on the sides? i have an amazing shoe guy that is like a surgeon and has done incredible work on all of my nice shoes. eek!
  2. It's definitely huge, but if you need that size then you should keep it. It does look big on you, but not in a bad way at all.
  3. I love that size - don't modify it! It squishes down in your lap if you need it to, right?
  4. wow, it's huge! but it looks great on you!
  5. It's definitely a huge bag....but I have to say honestly, you do carry her well, esp on the crook of your arm.
  6. I love it! Oversized bags are awesome and it looks fantastic on you :biggrin: ahh what a beautiful bag! Congratulations!
  7. Ohhhh......don't modify it! It is big but looks nice on you. You an always just wrap your arms around it and smoosh it down on the subway *L*
  8. wow, you carry off the big bag very well, and since not every one else can do it plus if you need it, then it is a keeper for you!
  9. [​IMG]

    It does look huge on you but if you need this size for your needs, then this will be a better size than the smaller one.

    But it still looks gd on you IMO:tup:
  10. I love it on you...I am 5'2" and I always doubt myself carrying big bags too... It's all about what you need and what you like!! I think this cabas is a keeper for you... :flowers:
  11. The large cabas looks good with you...I have the baby cabas in bronze and I love it...but after seeing you with the large...I wish I had purchased that size as well...I hope you really enjoy your bag.....
  12. i wouldn't recommend altering the bag...it might be hard to re-sell the bag in the future...if you decide that you don't want it one day
  13. LOL over the large and in charge comment! I have always loved this bag, I think it looks wonderful on you! Great choice!
  14. it really is huge!! but you do cary her well:tup: congrats!!
  15. congrats on your new bag! love your louboutins!