Holy Hoo Hoo! Look What I Scored Tonight!!!

  1. OMG. I'm in Kooba 7th Dimension of Heaven tonight....lately......WHATEVER! I'm scouring eBay every 35 seconds or so (haha) and came across this vintage Black Marcelle. And it's real ladies - it's got the older khaki green lining and gotta love that tapered zipper (lots of pics)...which I'll post - and I'm thinking "I know this seller".......so me, I go through like 15 years of feedback for her looking for my name - and viola! There I am! November 2006 touting my wonderful Kooba Marcelle that I bought from her. Now don't ask me WHICH color it was. Now I KNOW it wasn't my Champagne that I just bought - I get the feeling it was my sand colored one that was just too much work for me....which I sold again right away...but anyway...
    I emailed her for a BIN - and BAM! Someone with 2 feedbacks bids!!!! :wtf: So I'm screwed. I emailed her back and said "well, if you change your mind, please let me know and I'll pay you whatever and end the listing BUT ONLY IF YOU WANT." Or something like that! I had told her we had done business in the past too (thought I'd throw that one in for good luck!!!!) and she emails me and says "how about $219?"
    Now guys, I know it's a lot of an older style, but I'm missing this bag SOOO much so it takes care of my dilemma I was having with my Lucy vs. Claudia. I was really having a hard time with the grommets. I loved the lacing on the Marcelles a lot better than the grommets (well, my silver Lucy has the grommets, but they're gray/black so they match really well with the bag)....and I couldn't pass it up. Could I?????
    Of course, nail me to the WALL if I bought a bad bag, but I haven't bought a fake YET - I've got the eye baby (well, on the old ones, not the new ones so much - sorry)....and she's totally on the up and up since I loved her last bag so much.
    So poor newbie eBayer (I'm not mentioning names because I feel kind of bad - she must have been like WTF???? :wtf:) does eBay do this all the time? I moved too fast for her. And thank God - having a seller on the same time zone! :rolleyes:
    Okay - check it out ladies and give me blessings (oh please please please)....freaking out JUST A BIT. This was like an hour-long auction!!!!!

  2. You know, J, you shouldn't really sell any of your Koobas, you just end up buying them all back, LOL
  3. Wow, you scored a nice bag for a nice price. 219.00 isn't out of bounds for the highly sought after "authentic" Marcelle. I think the Marcelle is probably coveted the most after Siennas. Gorgeous bag!
    And I know it's a sad fact but eBay has become a cutthroat highly skilled game. And if you know how to play the game, you sometimes win. Private emails requesting BINs are everyday occurances. I've done it and I've won but I do feel kinda bad for the new ones who sit there in bewilderment thinking..."Where did that bag go? It sold for 11 dollars?" LOL
  4. Congratulations, I think you did well to get it for $219 as it's a very popular older style. I'm not loving the new Fall styles, so I've found myself prepared to pay that little bit more for the older ones, for fear of missing out. I don't think you've overpaid at all.

    We've all had handbags disappear from under our noses on eBay, so don't worry about that. I always think it's worse when you bid in a frenzy and end up missing out by a dollar or so.
  5. Holly Hoo Hoo back atcha!!!!!! I'd be spinning in circles too for that fabulously gorgeous much sought-after bag! How could you go wrong, really??? It's perfect for every single day for the rest of your life!!!! :yahoo:
  6. I think you did great! I love the Marcelle and in black? What's not to adore about her? Congratulations!
  7. I could feel your excitement through my keyboard!

    Isn't it great when a plan comes together??

  8. Wow, that's a beautiful bag! Congrats!
  9. Congrats on the bag. All is fair in love & ebay, I think.

    I have seen other auctions in the past where I thought the same thing -- "that ___ sold for only that much? Why would the seller sell something for that price when they could get so much more (like from ME!)" So now I know what happened, I learn something ebay-new every day. And the bag is luscious!
  10. Oh, it's gorgeous and I'd love to see pics of it being worn IRL! You did real good. This is a bag that will never go out of style, a classic, and you got it for a great price (even if it wasn't 11 bucks, lol). Enjoy your great score!
  11. What a gorgeous bag - good for you!
  12. Congratulations on an absolutely gorgeous bag! My co-worker friend has the exact bag and I am not going to lie- but I have seriously contemplated stealing, I mean borrowing hers, for the past few weeks!
  13. Again... well done JC!

  14. Well I think it's a great deal for a gorgeous bag.

    How does this work though? Is a seller allowed to pull an auction once there's been bids on it?
  15. Yes actually. If you go to your auction number at the top and highlight it (you're the seller, say) and you go to "site map" there's a place that says "end your listing early". You can end it for several reasons - 1) broken 2) lost 3) no longer for sale 4) ended to highest bidder.
    It's up the seller's discretion as to whether they want to do it. Some want to let to go to the end - and that's what I thought, but I contacted Live Help when someone approached me, and technically if the buyer and seller are in agreement in price, that "end listing early" is the option that the seller has.
    No illegalities.