holy heck

  1. lindy much?

    (from Bergdorf Goodman)
    BG-12ZR_mn.jpg BG-12ZR_an.jpg
  2. wow..that's nuts:shocked:
  3. Gotta love it...tells you that the Lindy is well loved!!!
  4. I should add...the Lindy is so much nicer!!! (they will try though)
  5. I think I saw this somewhere before.. is that a Dolce?? What copycats. I'd still much rather buy the Lindy!
  6. wow, already?
  7. Far from the real thing!
  8. :wtf:
  9. Oh geez ... it didn't take long, did it.
  10. :wtf:
  11. Is that this D&G bag:

    I thought it was the Lindy when I saw this advert in the paper:

  12. they are so lame!!
  13. That is terrible! You would think their designers could come up with something other than a copy of another bag.
  14. I agree that another designer should be original...it's very lame and just pathetic on their part imo...
  15. yeah, that's the bag.
    i guess the world is plum out of purse ideas.