Holy Hamptons, Batman!

  1. Took a stop by the Marshall's by my mom's house. HOLY WOW! :wtf: There were a lot of Hamptons bags. A good two dozen or so.

    TONS of the older style black Hamptons bags: Large black totes were $159. Small black totes were $139. Small black hobos were $119. One small lilac tote for $139.

    Also had a bunch of the pink & purple houndstooth on clearance too.

    I've never seen so many black Hamptons bags in once place other than a boutique. It really amazed me. So pretty much if you're looking for one, check a Marshalls if there's one near you. Probably not the cheapest way to get one, but if you can find one there it's definitely an option.
  2. Yep my Marshalls had like 6-10 of the houndstooth tweed like style, 2 black totes, and a couple others...TJMAXX only had 1 hobo hamptons in blk, I bought it but returned it. Figured ....

    $129 including tax for that bag OR go to Macy's and $188 including tax for the Sig Optic Tote (My heart floats for this bag haha)
  3. Unfortunately I don't live anywhere near you so I can't head to that Marshall's...but that title has to win for Best Thread Title of 2006! :lol:
  4. hahaha, great thread title! Thanks for the info.