***Holy Grails***

  1. Post your Holy Grails here..............

    Do you have your HG now or are you still searching:search: for it? My HG was my caramel '03 city but I sold it b/c the city was too small for me but I have decided that these 2 bags are my HG's now~ I can't choose one over the other~ and if you have a picture of your HG please post her!!!:yes:

  2. Still searching for mine - Black city with silver hardware!!!
    (if you hear me, please come home! :crybaby: )
  3. ^^^I hope you get your HG Slinks!~ it will come~ patience my dear!!!
  4. 05 Chocolate City
  5. That ONE make-up clutch and/or coin purse with enough ZING! in its color to spice up what I have on hand right now...
  6. I had to sit and ponder this and didn't really have an answer because I got my previous holy grails. I guess I'll know it when I see it. :idea:
  7. ^^^post a picture powder of your HG's you have!!!!
  8. Here is my HG, I was fortunate enough to find her about 3 weeks ago.

    My 03 black city with pewter hardware.:love:
  9. I would love a black city with silver as well... and an olive brown or caramel 03 city and maybe a rouge theatre first... and well, ok I'll stop here!!
  10. '05 Turquoise City:

    '05 Bubblegum City:

    '02 Pebbled Flat Brass:


    '02 Flat Brass First:
    '05 Eggplant City:
  11. Zacorey - Great thread idea! I'd love to know other's holy grails. I don't have too many yet since I'm still a newbie (but I know for sure that Rouge Theatre First is one of them!)

    Powderpuff - Thanks for all those pics! I counted, and you have FOUR holy grails =) LOL. Which one do you think is the "holiest" of them all?
  12. rouge threatre day and magenta day

    i'm currently eyeing a cornflower day on eBay, but do i NEED that many days?

    well, since it's called a DAY, maybe i should have one for each DAY of the week!

  13. I couldn't decide. I tried, I really did. I love the BG, Eggplant and Turq equally and but i do like my Pebbled a little more than the regular falt brass, BUT I love the slinky feel of the regular flat brass. So I have 4 holy grails.:p i need to take pics wearing the Turq. and BG. These are recent and I guess I never took pics wearing them.
  14. My 04 Black Twiggy with Pewter Hardware. I haven't seen another one posted. Plenty of Citys and Firsts, but no Twiggys. Fiatflux found her, but didn't like the Twiggy, so agreed to sell her to me. I love her! I am really not jonesing for anything else right now. I have amassed quite a collection and need to take a break : )

    I wish you well,


    Black Twiggy 04 Post Front.jpg
  15. Holy Grails: Pewter First and 03 Black First with Pewter hardware.

    Got my pewter! On a desperate search for the 03 Black First!!!