Holy Grail Quick Reveal!

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  1. It's been couple years since my last thread here and just as I was giving up hope on my holy grail, my lovely SA texted me last week and I finally had the chance to bring her home today:biggrin:

  2. Huge congrats!

    Open, open, open!
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  3. Exciting!!!!!
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  4. Open open open!
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  5. A little quick background story on this newin: my SA went to FSH 2 years ago on behave of my home store for semi annual PO and prior to departure, she asked what is my HG so I told her the specs of my dream H bag and off she went. She later came back and said my order has been placed :biggrin:
    I was secretly hoping that it will arrive sometime this year as I'm turning 40 in Oct and also it's our 10 year wedding anniversary in Aug so this would be THE gift from DH to moi.

    So here she is!
    Rose Scheherazade Croc Nilo K28 with GHW

  6. Gorgeous!!!! :drool:
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  7. Wow! What a stunning bag!!! :heart::nuts::heart:
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  8. And as I was telling my SA the meaning behind this HG of mine while I wait, she went thru extra hoops and secretly made it an SO with noir interior, just like my RC K28:biggrin:
    She didn't tell me until the bag has arrived!


    I would like to thank my DH who has been very supportive of my H addiction thru the years and make my dream come true today:love: and also to my lovely SA who made it more "special" for me:heart:

    Hope you ladies have a great weekend!
  9. Congrats!
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  10. Absolutely freaking amazing!!!!! You must be overjoyed!
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  11. Congratulations
    Blown away beauty
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  12. stunning!
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  13. Thank you ladies! I'm on cloud 9:love:
  14. Wow this is truly so gorgeous!!!!!
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  15. Holy F#$*&ing Moly! Love it! What a special piece with a special backstory.
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