Holy Grail Found. Or why I have 3 exact same bags? Or How the Insanity Took Hold.

  1. A long time ago, I purchased a marron 04 twiggy with leather tdf! Silky and soft, smooshy but thin, dilicate but tough. All the things a Bal should be. But, it had been damaged in a fire. Most of the back panel had been replaced. The front, sides, top, and bottom are all perfect, but the back panel drove me to distraction.

    In my search for a replacement bag, I managed to own and sell (or not sell), 3 twiggies, 2 cities, and a first. All marron 04, all similar, but not the *exact* same leather as my Grail.

    Finally, finally I found her (or rather aaalabama did:yahoo:, thank you!). Not only does she have the exact same leather, but she is almost brand new! Normally I like my bags beat up a bit, but this one is already nice. How can she not be? marron 04 leather is the epitomy of Bal. It will be my pleasure to enjoy breaking in a bag all on my own.

    So here she is.
    First pic with flash
    second pic no flash
    100_3625.jpg 100_3626.jpg
  2. That is some kind of twiggy! Wow! I love everything about it! Congratulations, and I'm so glad you have found the exact bag that you wanted....
  3. And now from left to right:
    new bag, broken in old bag
    lighter (different dye lot?) other marron (again great leather)
    100_3629.jpg 100_3628.jpg 100_3627.jpg
  4. [​IMG]

    ^^ hooray for your new HG baby!!! :party:

    p.s. it was an absolute joy helping you find her :heart:
  5. Oh..how wonderful..she is BEAUTIFUL..you Know that I love a beaten up old FIrst , and now I can own up to a secret desire for another First of the same leather, same color but in a more pristine condition..you have helped me feel better about this GUILTY secret..
  6. Congratulations! Are you keeping all three marron? Wow!
  7. Sunspark I always love the b bags that you choose and marron is gorgeous.

    Anything that looks vintage like is what I love too. That is what made Balenciaga great.
  8. Congrats! :yahoo: :yahoo:I'm so glad to hear you've found the perfect one at last! :smile:
  9. wowza!! This is beautiful, C!!! Congrats!!!:drool::drool::drool:
  10. [​IMG]

    soo pretty! congratulations on finding your HG :smile:
  11. Wow! All three look so great! Are you keeping all of them, C?
    You are my Bal mentor, I just love every bag you have! You really know how to chose them, and it's not easy when you buy online and don't see the bags irl.
  12. Congratulations, it is such a beautiful bag and Yay Twiggy!

    I wish you well,

  13. SUPER COOL sunspark!!! :coolpics:
  14. Thank ladies, and no I am not keeping them all. 2 are on the chopping block. I wish I could keep thmm lol, but the cc is creaking at the seams. I am now on a self imposed purse ban . It's kinda ok though, I feel like I have everything I want:smile:
  15. I quite agree, your collection is perfect! Please post updated collection pics when you can!
    Off topic: I love the title of the thread, it's so Woody Allen/Peter Sellers-y!