Holy GRail for my Birthday!! It's coming...05' TurQuoise!

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  1. Now thats what I'm talking about.Now thats a great bday gift.Enjoy it and wear in good health.

    Happy Belated B-day!
  2. Ghost, love your bag, your collection, and how great you look with your new to you turquoise. I think 05 turquoise is the most beautiful color that Bal ever made. Happy birthday, sweetie!
  3. dear Greige-Sis, wooow this is so amazingly beautiful!
    love this HG color soo much!
    big congrats to you :hugs:
    you wear her so well!!
  4. Happy Birthday!!!

    Congrats on your Turq beauty!!! Your '05 collection is spectacular!!!!!
  5. forgot to add:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY :Partyhat:
  6. Gorgeous Collection!!! Congrats.
  7. Thanks so much! I haven't asked DH to help with a bag purchase in over a year. It was most definitely time! I have worked my little tookis off for a while, and I am most definitely due! LOL~

    Thank you LovelyG~ you are way to sweet. I think I may need to side with you on this one. It is pretty gorgy if I do say so myself. I am totally ready to rock this baby with jean shorts and brown sandals this summer.

    Thanks sis! I have a little charm coming in to wear on the Greige beauty~ Hopefully by the end of the week:biggrin:

    This was a special birthday~ good bags, good friends and TPF!!!

    Thanks girl!!! How are you?? I hope all is well in your neck of the woods:smile:
  8. Love it!
  9. Congratulations Ghost :flowers:, your new turq city is beyond gorgeous. Love all your goodies, you have an amazing collection. :tup:
  10. congrats!!! i love the 05 collection!!! you've got 2 of my fav colors ever: AG and Turquoise!!!!!! they are all stunning and amazing!!
  11. Love your bags!
  12. Thanks girls!!! I have been using Ms. TurQ since I got her earlier this week and I have to say she is super smooshy! It is most definitely like a puddle. I am enjoying the worn in bag and this is my true calling, worn in and smooshy.
  13. Wow! Love it with the RH.... I'm glad you got me okay with RH again, I was beginning to think I HAD to have something GIANT.... that is one hot bag! Congrats bday girl!
  14. Ohhhh, I'm 5/4 too and probably around that weight, so the city would be a perfect size for me too! Thanks for the modeling pics, you look hawt with your baby!:yahoo:
  15. I just saw the update with pics!!:faint:

    CONGRATS Ghost!:party: Turquoise looks FAB on you! I love it!:love:

    Your collection pic is TDF, the colors are gorgeous!