Holy GRail for my Birthday!! It's coming...05' TurQuoise!

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  1. I am so excited for you Ghost!! I can't wait to see it!:biggrin:

    Have a great night out!!!

  2. LOL! And what happened to the blue day? Did you keep it too?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and the TURQ!!
  3. happy BD ghost. a gorgeous bag for your bd, 05 turkey is a great choice.can't wait to see your pics with it.
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Beautiful GIFT!!!!
  5. I'm so excited for you! don't forget that martini!:drinks:
  6. congratulations! I can't wait to see her.
  7. Happy Birthday and Congrats!
  8. :Partyhat::party::Partyhat: HaPpY BiRtHdAY to you...WOOO HOOOO!!! So glad you were able to snag such a lovely HG of yours!!! 05 Turquoise is one of the best Bal colors ever!!! Congrats Ghostie!!!!!!!
  9. congrats!!
  10. Happy Birthday girl! I am super excited for you and can't wait for pics!
  11. What a fantastic birthday present! :yahoo:

    Hope you have a very happy birthday Ghost and don't have to wait long for your HG to arrive :smile:
  12. I absolutely agree with you. 05 Turquoise is the Holiest Grail! Earlier years' Bbag don't need fancy giant hardware to boost their beauty. Their thick and moist leather, plus the saturated and rich colors are enough to make them stand out the crowd.

    Congratulation to your HG! Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

  13. Hi Ellie! The blue day was a nightmare. It was horribly faded and turning yellow with a lot of wear. It was simply not worth what I paid for it and I returned it the moment I opened it. I am awaiting my refund.

    Dinner was fabulous last night and the drinks were rich. We drove home amidst a winter storm and made it home safely.

    Today, I am going to call the PO and see if my bag has arrived! Keep your fingers crossed gals!!!

    Thank you for all the well wishes and fabulous comments on my new bag!! Hopefully pics will flow soon!!!
  14. What a great/lovely present...enjoy and take care of this beauty oldie!!:graucho:;)
  15. Oh I hope it arrives today! I can't wait to see it!:nuts: