Holy GRail for my Birthday!! It's coming...05' TurQuoise!

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  1. Ok, since I figured out I am not a dark bbag type of gal, I have been re-vamping my goodies and really scouring all the places to find what meets my criteria.

    1. It must be Bright
    2. It must be Chevre (I just prefer it)
    3. It must be in used condition (I like my bags used, so I am not afraid to use them)

    I have let go of MINT bags as I did not want to use them...weird I know but that's just me.

    So...My beauty has shipped and she should be here tomorrow or Monday the latest. Today is my birthday and DH helped me a little in this purchase. I am estatic..I missed this gem 1-2 times before when I saw one for sale. I either didn't have the $ or someone snagged one right before I had the chance.

    Well No more....She is coming home to me!!:yahoo:

    2005 Turquoise City!!!

    As soon as I get it, I will post pics with an updated Family shot as my Bbags have truly changed as of late.

    Happy Friday girls!!

  2. congrats!! :dothewave:
  3. yay Ghost!! lucky gal, congrats!
  4. Happy Birthday and huge congratulations!!! what a gorgeous colour....how fantastic to get your holy grail!
  5. Wowza! That's some birthday gift. Love Turquoise and I can't wait to see yours.

  6. Happy birthday ghost!!!! So glad your BD and HG happen at the same time! It's meant to be, can't wait to see pics!!!

    Ps Livia that emmo is sooooo funny lol
  7. Congrats! You will love it. I think I know which one you are referring to and its lovely. Happy bday, ghost. :party:
  9. Happy birthday lucky ghost!
  10. Happy birthday. Can't wait to see your turquoise city!

    This is so cute!!
  11. Thanks everyone!!! I am super stoked...now that I have figured out what my style is I am going with my bad self! LOL~

    This will be IT for a while as I am seriously tapped out (except for charms to outfit by bags) LOL~:graucho::nuts:

    I am just as excited to photograph her and share her with all of you. I have been a member of tPF for a long time now and covet it as a safe haven to share among others bagaholics.

    Keep your eyes peeled ladies!

    I am off for a ladies night out to Fondu and drinks!
  12. Congratulations, and I can't wait to see picture of your HG
  13. congratulations gorgeous gorgeous colour :smile:
  14. Happy Birthday and CONGRATS Ghost! 05 Turquoise is a beautiful color!
  15. congratulations, dear ghost! this is a fave of mine as well. i CANNOT wait to see photos! oh - and happy, happy birthday!