Holy Grail eye cream

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  1. My can't-live-without is Natura Bisse Diamond Eye, and the Diamond Eye Serum (I'm older and need more than moisture) ... I recently tried the Kiehl's eye opening serum and thought it was a good product, you could probably pair it with the creamy avocado eye treatment. Most Kiehl's counters are pretty good at giving you samples too. Minimizing time in the sun, and getting a good sleep goes a long way too.
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  2. Cle de peau & Sisley
  3. Nivea q10 eye cream.
  4. I recently tried the IT brand and i do like it
  5. My holy grail is la mer eye cream, heard many positive reviews about it, but I'm using SKII right now, which works great for me.
  6. now trying Dr. Barbara Sturm
  7. I love the Sisley global eye & lips one most but it is quite expensive. Am currently trying out the Kiehls Avocado one
  8. I just discovered Revision D.E.J. eye cream and I really like it! I hadn't heard of the brand before, but my dermatologist started carrying it. Many plastic surgery clinics carry the line as well.
  9. Bump.. Would love to hear what everyone is using.. I’m seeing my first sign of lines and i feel like nothing ive tried is working :sad:
  10. [​IMG]

    I have not found anything better
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  11. Same!
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  12. ROC retinol correxion eye cream.
    Been using it for years and I think it has really prevented fine lines, wrinkles and crows feet around my eyes.
  13. I have tried all 3 with good results
    Cle de peau, 111skin black diamond eye cream & Sisleya eye
  14. Love La Mer. Anyone has experience with Guerlain Orchidée Impériale ?
  15. My HG eye cream seemed to vary with decade. Mid-teens to mid-20's, Oil of Olay hydrating gel. Mid 20's to mid-30's Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream. Actually, I could probably still use that, but I found that Pacifica's Dreamy Youth day and night cream works at least as well as Bobbi Brown for me as an eye cream, so I switched. That's my HG face cream and eye cream right now, and it's not even expensive compared to the alternatives. But if I were to just stick to a cream actually formulated for eye area, I would be using the Bobbi Brown one. I'm expecting in several years as my skin changes I need to switch to something else.