Holy Grail eye cream

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  1. Boy have I tried a lot of eye creams. I have dark circles, some minor wrinkling/crows feet, but my under eyes are so sunken in, with a visible line demarcating my face from under eyes.

    I would love some suggestions on which eye cream to try! I have recently tried Perricone, Rodan + Fields, Bobbi Brown, Dennis Gross....

    opinions on Tata Harper or Sunday Riley eye cream? I have a few products from both lines that I really like, but hate to invest in yet another eye cream that won't do as it promises.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Maybe you should try SKII it's japanesse brand. the eyecream helps me to reduce my panda eyes. But it's kinda pricey it cost around $80-$100.
  3. Is it possible you can get a few samples before spending so much money? I use to work for Sephora and I know they give samples. Maybe Ulta does as well?

    My suggestion would be Dr. Jart's.
  4. Following since I have never used eye creams, but figure at 45, it might be a good idea.
    I just got one from Timeless, so we'll see how it goes.
  5. Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Eye Gel is my favorite eye cream. I have tried a few other brands and keep coming back to Amore Pacific. I have dark circles as well and it really helped to lessen them as well as reduce puffiness. I like that it has a lot of slip, I don't like eye creams that are thick; I just feel like it sits on my skin and is too heavy for undereye.

    I hear good thing about SKII as well - they're both around the same price point.
  6. I used to use SKII before I switched to La Mer, still use their "Essence" water, which I love too much to let go....But def1 I would recommend SK hands down, they have a mask for the under eye are that works wonders. Saks, Bergdofs and Neimans have it on-line if you are not near one of their stores...Good luck!
  7. I was able to find small travel size of the SKII on eBay. Thanks for the suggestions!!! I also went into Sephora yesterday and was given a few other samples. Hoping something works!
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  8. Please update us. I'm looking for one as well.
  9. Will do!!
  10. I ❤️ the Sunday Riley eye cream
  11. What helps with puffiness
  12. She umura tsuya eye cream
  13. Trying the Biologique Recherche eye cream..so far I like it
  14. Rilastil Progression Crema Eye Contour Cream, faded my dark circles a great deal. I used it for over 6 months. Found it in Walgreens, in the look boutique
  15. I love Chanel's Sublimage eye cream.....
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