Holy grail Birthday: Reveal of my new MiuMiu

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I am back after almost 2 years to reveal my 3rd MiuMiu! Ever since buying my first MiuMius 2 years ago I have been hunting for this style of bag at various outlets on- and offline and on the preloved market, as the original price of this Type of bag is more than what I was able to wrap my head around to pay for a bag that would probably not be an everyday bag. A few weeks before my birthday, this beauty popped up at my favorite second hand retail site here in Germany (well reknowned and guaranteeing authencity), in as good as new condition, 70% off Original Retail!!! .

    As my DH was more than grateful for the hint on a possible gift, I woke up to this yesterday. Anyone here who wants to see the bag?

  2. Crossbody Bag in a Mix of Vitello an Mattelasse Leather. Have been on the hunt for a Mattelasse bag in non-glazed leather for 2 years. When I found this i was fascinated because of the combination with the Vitello that nicely accentuates the Mattelasse 20180203_132312.jpg
  3. And here with a modelling shot 20180203_160515.jpg
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  4. Absolutely beautiful and big congratulations for being so persistent and buying a fantastic bag that you really wanted. Such a unique design!
  5. Thank you so much
  6. congratulation, not giving up for so long... you are a real warrior!