Holy Grail Bag Is Here ... And Worth Every Dollar!

  1. Ladies,
    I can't believe I was jumping up and down in the post office when I realized the box in front of me was for my holy grail bag!

    I know I paid an astronomical amount ($2,999 on eBay) for it BUT it was THE bag that started my love affair with Chanel. After passing on it last fall at regular retail, then passing on the only one I've seen on eBay, I decided IF EVER I see it again, it would be mine! Lo & behold, she is .....


    She even smells like grape bubblegum! I am so in love, so in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
    chanel tote - violet 001.jpg chanel tote - violet 005.jpg chanel tote - violet 002.jpg
  2. yeppie!!!!!!!
    congrats to u.
    shes stunning!
  3. :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts: Yay! I'm so happy for you Regina. The bag is TDF! So what do you think of the color IRL? Isn't it the most beautiful plum that you've ever seen? Thanks for posting pics and enjoy your new beauty! :heart:

  4. jenn - a special thank you for reassuring me! The color is TDF. I am like a mother who can't stop staring at her newborn, thinking -- does this perfect creature belong to me???
  5. The plum color is gorgeous!!! You made an excellent choice.
  6. WOW....that is really a stunner!! Congrats...you deserve it.:yahoo:
  7. That bag is simply stunning! Congrats!
  8. I love this bag too. I also passed on it while it was available at retail and boy do I regret that.
  9. amazing color...beautiful bag! congratulations!
  10. OMG - I nearly fainted! Absolutely Gorgeous!! Congrats.
  11. wow...what a cool color!

  12. LOL, I totally know how you feel! Congrats again and get ready for heads to spin when you take her out!
  13. Congrats!!! Beautiful!!
  14. That's really TDF! Pictures modeling it please!!!:yahoo:
  15. Omg, wow, congrats!!! :yahoo: Like Jenn said, heads will spin Exorcist style when you have this stunning beauty on your shoulder!! It's so amazing that you found your HG, it's definitely the best feeling!!! :nuts: Enjoy taking her out for a spin, and congrats again!!! :tup: